A Millennial Responds to Simon Doonan

As soon as his mouth opens I know I’m in for a slog

The lips pulling slowly back to form that I

As if his cheeks were reining in a cantankerous horse

The exhalation of breath, I can almost see the dunes it shifts

Across the hellish sands of Old Man time

The wiry hairs sticking out of his scalp forming

Their own minute synchronized dance routines

The lips closing down now to form the MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

The sound of all the machines under Lud churning for a thousand years

That curl on the left side of his mouth forms

The canyon that signals to anyone who cares to notice

That this person has enjoyed a few orgasms

The A those reins again

I start counting femtoseconds one at a time

I try to remember how I got to this cocktail party

Why did Adam invite me here

About halfway to a quadrillion

The Goo forms

Imaginary Old Man sand blasting

Like bugs out of a mummy’s mouth

Brace shoulders for sound I know is coming

Like all the library books taken and dropped at once upon

The hard wooden floors of all the gymnasiums in the world

But can feel my neck tire before that D

Finally slams. I struggle to hide the shock

Blinking in horror at the prospect of the next word

The whirling galaxies where did I put my car keys

Hand searching pocket for something to hold

As the CON breaks across the deep cold spaces

The world too small for this word

VER The sound of civilizations boiling across deserts

SAY A frozen cosmic astral choir shrieking forever

SHUN In an alien tongue designed to make the sound be the meaning

ULL As all the matter in the universe departs from itself into the waiting arms

IST Of the last bastions of the vasty vastness

Too exhausted anymore to entertain the guise of form.


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