The Infinity Problem

You are the finger that flies, the finger that flies from your hand into the sky, the finger drags the eye, the finger cuts a long, long line, the line cuts but it does not cut, what is around the line knows what is around the line, it does not know what is inside the line, it does not know it does not know, it does not stop where the eye stops, it does not stop where the mind stops, you cannot know this but you know, the finger flies.

Now you are white-haired and wild-eyed, you are clutching your favorite sign, you drew the drawing of the end on one, on the other side, “the end draws nigh,” you preach a short-mouthed mumbled speech, your parishioners are all the passersby, your parishioners are the cars and the street lights, your parishioners are the bricks in the sidewalk, your parishioners are the highway dust, your parishioners are the spittle in your beard, you are the poet priest that preaches, you preach the error of Genesis, you preach the world out of being.

Now you are a shrinking camera, you are bigger than the universe, the universe is a giant fireworks display, the convention is over and the galaxies are sailing away, the stars are all playing helicopter, the planets are dizzy rocks, the rocks have rocks on them, the rock-rocks are covered in goo, the goo preaches that Genesis was an error, eschatological molecules jostle each other, electrons and protons love/hate each other, quarks leap the leptons, your view shrinks and there is nothing, it shrinks more and there is nothing, you are convinced you are finally infinitesimal, you see something coming your way, it gets larger and larger, it’s a giant fireworks display.


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